Willie’s Story


Willie’s Story

Willie began his life in an environment dominated by violence and abuse. Like many in his shoes, he saw little choice other than to continue down the path he started on. At the age of 16 Willie was sentenced to 12 years in prison for committing armed robbery.

After his release, Willie’s life was changed by individuals who took the time to listen and introduce him to a different way of life. These people surrounded him with love instead of violence and hope for a future much different than his past. Our desire is for this film to serve as inspiration for those who find themselves in similar beginnings as Willie and a tool for those who are working hard to help them.


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Our desire is for this film is to challenge people’s perceptions about those who began their live’s at a disadvantage and encourage those who find little hope in their situation. Please help us get Willie’s story heard by sharing this video!

Willie now has a much different life ahead of him then he did at the age of 16. Individuals like his mentor at 70×7 Life Recovery who listened to his story and reached out to him in the middle of his difficult time helped make this possible.

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