About their story

A few years ago when Annika Ohman was 14, she was diagnosed with cancer. As a way to find a place of rest amidst the stress of frequent hospital visits and countless treatments, the family spent a week at Starlite Shores Family Camp, where families with a child who has cancer are paired with volunteer families for a week of fun, solidarity, and rest. The Ohman family was paired with the Dryden family and they quickly became good friends. Since then, Annika has been on the long road to recovery and recently went into remission!

However, just a couple months ago, Emma Dryden, a high school senior, was diagnosed with cancer and in the same situation as Annika. Suddenly the Dryden family finds themselves needing the support of others including the Ohman’s as Emma undergoes treatments, graduates from high school, and looks ahead to what’s next.

The Heart of the Story

When going through something like cancer, people tend to not ask for help because they don’t want to burden others. But when things like this happen, we need the love and support of family, friends, and community to make it through. This film will show the bond between two families who met at a camp for families with children who have cancer, and how their faith and mutual support has been crucial in the struggle. Their stories are part of a bigger one, and they have glimpsed beauty and love even in the pain and uncertainty. How can we reach out and support others, and let others support us?

Distribution Plan

We intend to share this film with cancer support groups and nonprofits, hospitals, churches, schools, and other organizations to provide a resource and conversation starter for people and families with cancer. We hope that this video makes an impact by encouraging families with cancer to ask for support and to show that places like Starlite Shores Family Camp are making this connection possible. We also want to help those without cancer find opportunities to  support people around them. Whether the issue is cancer or some other struggle, we all need the support of friends, family, and community as a good life is one that is shared.


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