Isaac’s Story


Isaac’s Story

Isaac is a very special young man who has dealt with trials that most kids his age could never even imagine. Since he was born Isaac has been battling Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare muscle deteriorating disease, which has limited him to only finger-tip movement. Along with many other complications, Isaac’s family found it very difficult to find a school that would accept him into the classroom with his specific needs.

Including Isaac is the story of how the determination of the Postma family and hard work of the CLC Network led Isaac to became a valued member of the Byron Center Christian School community. Isaac’s story has served as inspiration for other families who also desire to have their special needs children incorporated into the private school system.


Bring Inclusive Education to your School

There are many families that find themselves in similar situations as Isaac’s. The staff at CLC Network is making the dream of having special needs children incorporated in the private school system a reality. Click HERE to learn more!

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