Holly’s Story


Holly’s Story

Holly’s story is the first one we had the opportunity to document on film. We began filming her story in the middle of her battle with cancer. She approached the interview with a great deal of courage and was very open with us about the struggles she had to deal with every day. It was inspiring to see that she was not overtaken by her situation, but continued to be thankful for each day of life she was given on this earth. In the midst of her struggle she continued to spread joy and hope to those around her.

Since the filming of her story Holly has passed away. We will always be grateful for her story and the legacy that she leaves behind through it. She continues to be an inspiration to those who see her film and will do so for many years to come!


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We are surrounded by people who have suffered or are currently suffering from the devastating impact of cancer. Share this story with someone you think needs to hear it. A great light can be found in the darkness!

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