Chimes For Tyler


Tyler’s Story

Tyler is a joyful and gifted 8-year-old boy. At the age of 3 Tyler was diagnosed with high functioning Autism. His condition has made some aspects of his life more difficult then most kids his age, but it has also led him to develop into a very passionate young boy.
One of his greatest passions came out of a love for hearing the soothing sounds produced by wind chimes. Among other talents, Tyler has the incredible gift of being able to identify a number of different wind chimes simply by hearing their unique tones. Tyler has inspired the employees at Woodstock Chimes to create “Chimes For Autism”. 100% of the proceeds from this new chime will go directly to benefit Autism research and awareness. This video will be used to increase awareness and support for individuals with Autism!

Support The Cause

By simply purchasing a beautiful wind chime you can help support Autism Research and make an impact on stories just like Tyler’s. To learn more about this opportunity CLICK HERE!


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