About Camilo

Camilo is from Colombia and was born blind. He grew up in a foster family until he was adopted at age 8 by a family from Michigan, and is now an audio production student at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, MI. He has dreams of owning his own recording studio someday and of doing work in Columbia to help others with disabilities.

The Heart of the Story

In a seemingly shallow world, Camilo has truly deep vision and is able to see more than most of us. This project will profile Camilo and explore his life growing up in Colombia, how he deals with blindness, and his interest in music and audio production. We want people to understand the challenges that Camilo faces each day and try to imagine how he perceives the world. The goal is to spark conversations about faith, doubt, blindness, and true vision, and to create empathy for people with disabilities. Camilo is willing to be vulnerable about his disability and reveal who is really is beneath the surface. Are we?

Distribution Plan

We intend to share this 5-10 minute film with local churches, ministries, schools and organizations such as Cornerstone University and Bethany Christian Services to promote inclusive education and start conversations about disability. We will also share the film with local audio recording studios that they could share as a special interest piece. Our hope is for this film to explore topics of faith, doubt, blindness, vulnerability, and acceptance, and to foster empathy for people with disabilities.

Project Update

Camilo’s film has been fully funded!

  • We have reached our fundraising goal for this project and are currently finishing up the film!

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