About their story

Nearly ten years ago, Judy Stremler lost her husband. Six years ago, Bob Venhousen lost his wife. Their foundations were shaken and their faith was tested. Through the grieving process, they each persisted and remained hopeful that God would provide a way for them to raise their families on their own. In 2010, Bob & Judy got married, combining their families with a total of nine children. They share a powerful testimony to how God can use difficult situations to shape and mold us when we surrender ourselves to him.

The Heart of the Story

Nearly everyone has experienced grief through the death of a loved one. It can be a time of doubt, loneliness, and depression. It’s easy to give up hope and to feel like no one understands. By listening to Bob & Judy’s stories, people will be able to hear about how they handled the grieving process and what they’ve learned. This story will remind viewers that they are not alone and that hope can be found even in life’s most difficult circumstances.

Distribution Plan

We intend to share this film with counseling organizations, churches, schools, and other organizations to provide a resource and conversation starter for people experiencing grief. We hope that this video makes an impact for families and individuals who are experiencing grief by offering a source of inspiration and encouragement.


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