We are a nonprofit documenting and sharing diverse human stories in order to inspire a more compassionate community.


For the storyteller, Kala Project provides a platform for his or her voice to be heard. For the rest of us, Kala Project creates a space for us to listen to and value the dignity and story of others. As author and pastor Eugene Peterson said, we “tell stories to create readiness, to nudge people toward receptive insight.” With each story we tell, our desire is to inspire a posture of learning, respect and compassion for our those we call neighbors, wherever you may be.


Do you live in West Michigan? For our newest series, 52 Neighbors, we will be highlighting the stories of individuals living in our community by releasing a new short film or written story every week. Our goal for this series is to provide an outlet for our own community of Grand Rapids, MI to connect with and better understand our neighbors while simultaneously archiving a history of our city.

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