It’s Pronounced \ kä-lä \

We are a nonprofit creating films

that connect people to the heart of the human story.

Kala is a Greek word meaning ‘good’ in the sense of what’s beautiful and right.

In a disconnected world, we need stories that remind us of our connection as humans,

stories that find the “Kala” in all people.

We humans are peculiar people. We laugh, we cry, we struggle, we celebrate. We all have desires, problems, doubts, and dreams. It’s a beautiful thing to be human. We are all living miracles, living a story that we mostly take for granted. Kala Project exists to capture the beauty of the human story that so often goes unnoticed. With open eyes and hearts, we search for stories of resilience and growth and share those stories to connect, provoke, and inspire those who take the time to listen.

For the storyteller, Kala Project provides a platform for his or her voice to be heard. And for the rest of us, Kala Project creates a space for us to listen to and value the dignity and story of others. As author and pastor Eugene Peterson said, we “tell stories to create readiness, to nudge people toward receptive insight.” So get ready, and be open to how the next story might connect you to the heart of what it means to be human.

We connect people to the heart of the human story. Join us!

Connecting Through Stories

The Process