It’s Pronounced \ kä-lä \

    We are a non-profit sharing stories that would otherwise go untold by creating films that connect, provoke and inspire.

    Kala is a Greek word meaning good in the sense of beauty, order and rightness in the world. Kala Project began out of an organic desire to share untold stories that exist within and around us all; stories of people’s passion pointing to beauty in unexpected places.

    Kala Project stories connect with those who view them because they are human stories. Stories of people like you and me who love, create, suffer, overcome, and find hope. We make these films because we too often mistake the extraordinary for ordinary and pass by opportunities to appreciate the beauty that exists all around us.

             We are here to challenge the way you see the world and your relationships in a new way in hopes that you are inspired and changed to live differently into this new perspective.

    Join us on our mission to tell stories that would otherwise go untold:

    Capturing Stories on Film

    The Process